Welcome to Phelps! We are Canada’s human capital partner for not-for-profit and for-profit organizations across all sectors and disciplines. For more than 30 years we have served – and grown – with our clients. Our team of dedicated professionals have the skills, expertise, networks, knowledge and experience to take your organization to the next level when it comes to unlocking people power, blazing a trail to retain and grow talent or anticipate challenges before they arise.

It’s my pleasure to introduce you to our firm and highlight key human capital strengths we deliver to organizations across the country.

  1. Phelps supports leaders to fulfill their potential. Today, leaders find themselves navigating change amplified by disruption. Our number one job is to ensure all your human capital needs fully respond to, and intersect, your business strategy.
  2. Phelps is committed to diversity, gender equity and inclusion. Every year we undertake the latest in diversity development to ensure we serve your human capital needs as broadly and deeply as possible.
  3. Phelps embraces the art and science of human capital. Using the latest digital tools, we ensure clients are ahead of the curve, curating the most innovative slates of candidates out there. But we also know – as do our clients – technology can only take you so far. Not satisfied with the rigour out there, we developed our own proprietary Phelps’ CLEAR Assessment Process
  4. Phelps is a champion of emerging talent. We know that by 2030, the last of the boomers will have retired. This means a vanguard of Millennials and Gen Z will assume these roles and they’ve made it clear, their leadership will be different. Phelps is committed to identify, place, develop and challenge future leadership so that you can get it right from the start.
  5. Phelps lives and breathes complexity. When clients have challenging assignments, whether it’s identifying unique top talent to fulfill new responsibilities or developing customized leadership programs, they turn to us.
  6. Phelps has deep knowledge of where human capital is heading. Every year we conduct our Human Capital Innovation Survey to learn what’s keeping our clients up at night. Sign up here for your complimentary copy of the 2019 Phelps Human Capital Innovation Survey.

If we’ve learned anything over the past years, it’s that the most brilliant strategy will fail to launch without a people strategy, and without the right people hired, developed, engaged and inspired to implement it. We work with you to collaborate on the human strategy you need to sustain a competitive advantage. We know how to unlock human capital potential. At the speed of disruption.

We know you have a choice!

To our existing clients, thank you for your continued confidence in us. To those considering learning more about us, we will work tirelessly to learn your business and earn your trust. There are no shortcuts to excellence; courageous leadership is the only path.  

We look forward to being in touch with you!

Valerie Phelps, Heather Phelps & Jayson Phelps