This is our expertise. As an Executive Search and Leadership Advisory firm, we deliver a high degree of customized service, employ a systematic and rigorous approach, and offer the type of agility required in a rapidly changing environment. We understand that placing a candidate into a leadership role on your team is an important commitment, one that can seriously affect your short, medium and long-term performance and success.

Over the course of our history, we have placed many professionals and leaders within complex and progressive institutions. As a consequence, we have a highly developed understanding of the challenges that institutions face, as well as the experience to creatively and effectively strategize in locating superior candidates with the competencies required for every organization.

Unlocking potential. Developing capabilities. All while continuously leading.

This is our commitment to our clients and candidates in assessment services. Whether you are working through succession planning, completing a merger/acquisition or pivoting into a new industry, we work with individuals and teams to unlock strengths – and identify the development required to take leadership to the next level. Rigorous sector research informs us of current trends and the skills necessary to keep your organization agile, competitive and aligned.

For clients conducting a search, we provide comprehensive assessments that give you in-depth data and insights to help you make that crucial final decision. Using the Phelps’ CLEAR Assessment Process we provide a complete summary of a candidate’s business and functional expertise, marketplace and industry knowledge, leadership abilities, cultural alignment and capacity to grow and change with role. We provide behaviourial insights into how candidates will make decisions, operate, assess risk, and maximize opportunity and we will share any potential red flags the process has uncovered. 

For candidates, we provide comprehensive feedback with a development plan that ensures future success. Once the assessment is complete, we help develop leaders through executive coaching and leadership development. 

Our practice in executive assessment is bespoke, tailored to the recognition that leaders require continuous evaluation and feedback to enhance their capabilities in our disruptive world. In addition to individual tailored assessments for individuals and leadership teams, we offer broader programs to evaluate top layers of management. 

Assessment is only the first stop in this process; once candidates are assessed, we develop on-boarding programs to ensure candidates hit the ground running. This planning is instrumental for organizations needing a longer view to build and sustain their pipeline, gain insights into roles and maximize team effectiveness. In the case of existing leaders, we develop tailored coaching and development programs designed to enhance skills and leadership potential as well as accelerated decision-making.

We use multiple methods to evaluate leader potential to ensure leaders continue to maximize impact. Leadership assessments help executives, leaders, organizations, and teams reveal strengths, unique qualities, tendencies, and potential.  

Helping you see a CLEAR path forward.

Welcome to your future leader: Executive assessment and leader development today requires a strategic, evidence-based approach reflecting the complexity of our disruptive world. Our process helps you to navigate the diverse strengths of executives who want to be chosen as your next leader. Most are well equipped to showcase their strengths. But what about derailers or development needs? We know the charisma a candidate may exude in an interview may not translate into being the best candidate for the position.  Working with your Selection Committee through rigorous evaluation methods and bias training we assess candidates holistically to ensure the right alignment for your organizational culture and design.

We created the CLEAR Assessment Process to holistically assess candidates.

Most executive search and leadership development firms base much of their evaluation on one or two psychometric tools. We take you farther. We explore context – in its entirety – to identify the right candidate, for the right job at the right moment. By deploying the art and science of search, we significantly decrease risk in the selection process.

We take the guess-work out of candidate evaluation.

The CLEAR Assessment Process™ is initiated the moment we begin working with you. Once we understand your culture, context, evolving strategy and trends impacting your sector, we work collaboratively with you to build the profile of your ideal candidate. With the profile established, our bespoke processes take your organization on a selection journey that is informed by fact, guided by science, and inspired by the art of choosing the candidate whose profile reflects the expertise and attitudes required to meet your needs and the candidate who best aligns to your organization.

The CLEAR Assessment Process™ was designed with the benefit of having conducted thousands of executive searches. The CLEAR Assessment Process is a proprietary process that guides Selection Committees in 5 key domains of executive performance:

  • Capabilities: The demonstrable characteristics and skills that enable and improve the efficiency of performance. 
  • Leadership: A process of social influence that maximizes the efforts of others towards achievement of goals and the ability to foster strong relationships.
  • Experience: The accumulated knowledge and skills that candidates have amassed and the situations and challenges they have addressed over the course of their careers. 
  • Agility: Possession of qualities or characteristics essential to leading and managing in complex environments.
  • Results: Direct consequences, effects, and outcomes of efforts that are both tangible (e.g. financial results) and intangible (e.g. enhanced reputation).

The Phelps 100 Days Executive On-boarding Program has been designed to ensure leaders hit the ground running with the support, counsel and reflection time they need to successfully transition into their new role. In our experience, a customized approach tailored to the specific needs of successful candidates builds confidence, fosters teamwork and helps in the early days of prioritization of strategic initiatives. Phelps knows new leaders will have more long-term achievement when they participate in a tailored program designed to ensure they build strength, stamina and resilience in 6 areas:

  1. Appreciating the climate, culture and strategic imperatives of the organization.
  2. Enhancing self-awareness and leadership capabilities.
  3. Nurturing networks of support.
  4. Identifying high potential and hot spot areas requiring immediate attention.
  5. Embracing change management processes. 
  6. Developing and documenting a blueprint for success to ensure follow-through in the plan.

Our On-boarding coaches have been there: they led complex organizations and departments in times of rapid change. Their active and hands-on role ensures leaders receive the knowledge and support needed to excel in their roles. Critically, they identify challenges and development areas quickly, addressing areas of acute need before they become barriers to success.