We have worked with hundreds of organizations. During this time, we’ve learned a lot about what clients value and expect in working with a holistic human capital partner. We’ve also worked hard to nurture the candidates who we introduce to organizations ensuring they are prepared, confident and knowledgeable to accelerate in their careers. 

We are committed to providing our clients with a consistently excellent experience that is respectful of your time, tailored to your needs and designed to ensure all services you need, from search and on-boarding to leadership and interim, are under one roof. It’s not enough for us to be exceptional human resource resources – we know we need to be as agile as your organization. We know we must communicate clearly, at times and in ways convenient to you. We know we need to understand your organization, and your sector, as well as we understand our own. Therefore:

  1. We commit to be with you, in partnership, every step of the way in designing, facilitating, monitoring and evaluating all human capital programs and services we provide. Our philosophy is to be collaborative, supportive and flexible to ensure our human capital services intersect with your strategic interests, concerns and goals.
  2. We promise to communicate clearly, regularly, and transparently. Our commitment to you and your team is “no surprises”.
  3. Every member of our team will act with a sense of urgency at all times. Even as we are working on responses, we will get back to you promptly to advise of the status.
  4. We commit to be a source of information and analytics to you, supplying you with relevant human capital analysis that encompasses environmental scanning, defines future trends, and addresses competitive forces.
  5. We commit to guard your organization’s interests in all of the work we undertake. Our processes ensure we respect confidentiality and privacy before, during, and after all assignments.

We care deeply about all of the executive search candidates we work with. We adhere to the AESC Code of Professional Practice and make these promises to you, our candidates, during the entirety of all of our search processes:

  1. We will provide full and open disclosure on the nature of the position and client organization, once you have been identified as a candidate for an executive position.
  2. We commit to you that we have an exclusive agreement with the client organization and are authorized to identify an individual who is a precise fit for the specific position. 
  3. We protect the confidentiality of your submission and guards your interests and your information.
  4. We affirm we will be in touch with you at regular intervals during the search process. Often these processes can take many months. We will advise you of progress and we commit to be highly responsive to communication with you. 
  5. We commit to being honest with all candidates. Some candidates may have greater alignment with a position than others. We will be forthcoming with you and let you know of a client’s determinations in the search as it relates to your candidacy.
  6. We pledge to treat candidates with the utmost professionalism.
  7. We will ensure your candidacy is an enriching experience regardless of the outcome. We will support you to explore your own interests and aptitudes. When you’re a candidate with Phelps, we will work with you to enhance your interview skills. If unsuccessful in the first run for an executive position, we will retain your portfolio as a possibility for future searches.

We affirm our commitment to building an Executive Search and Leadership Advisory practice that is equitable and inclusive. This means that in all aspects of our operations and at all levels of our organization, we work to ensure that there is no discrimination on the basis of, but not limited to, ethnicity, language, race, age, ability, sex, sexual or gender identity, sexual orientation, family status, income, immigrant or refugee status, nationality, place of birth, generational status, political or religious affiliation. 

We further recognize Canada’s identity is rooted in the diverse makeup of each of its residents. We firmly believe that our differences in points of view, skills and background continually enrich the workplace. This is reflected in our team, which is comprised of individuals who come from different nations and possess diverse skills and education. 

We encourage each individual to participate fully and to have complete access to services, employment, governance structures and volunteer opportunities. We make every effort to ensure that our structure, policies and systems reflect all aspects of our nation and promote equal access for all. We work hard to act on it, promote it and celebrate it. To this end, we strives to ensure that: 

  • Discriminatory or oppressive behaviours are not tolerated; 
  • Individuals and organizations who engage with Phelps for services are valued participants who have opportunities to shape and evaluate our programs and services; 
  • Programs and services are delivered in such a way that systemic barriers to full participation and access are eliminated to ensure positive relations and attitudinal change towards marginalized groups;
  • Services are provided with sensitivity to the influence of power and privilege in all relationships, including service relationships, and are delivered in keeping with anti-oppression principles.