We help our clients accelerate performance by unlocking leadership potential and building a preeminent firm that ignites exceptional people.


Phelps Ignites leadership.


I     Inclusion: Diversity + Inclusion = Better Decision-Making. We value and appreciate the perspectives, ideas and contributions of others.

G    Grit: It’s in our DNA! We demonstrate passion and perseverance in everything we do.

N    Nimbleness: Our bespoke model of doing business means we are agile and able to pivot to meet our clients evolving needs. 

I     Integrity: We believe that nothing is more important than our reputation and we are accountable to uphold strong moral principles that guide our practice.

T    Trust: Our clients call us “trusted advisors”. We build enduring relationships based on trust and foster a healthy culture that is empathetic and transparent.

E    Excellence: We provide exceptional value and service to our clients.